Art & Design

The Practice.

Photography, web design, user experience design (UX), product design, and service design. The practice to my theory.

Park(in) Bangkok, Thailand, 2017
Part of Exhibition “A Moment in Time”, Geneva, 2019

Jill Wolf Jewels

Artistic direction, photoshoot, e-commerce design and website implementation for Jill Wolf Jewels, a highly curated jewelry boutique in Geneva’s Old Town.

Project Square

Creative direction, web design and implementation for Project Square, a physical kit to teach K12 students 21st century skills, including computational thinking. A project by the Swiss foundation We Are Play Labs.

WI Harper Wesbite

UX design and website implementation for VC based in San Francisco, Taiwai and Beijing. 

Swissbody Group 

Artistic direction, photoshoots, web design and implementation for one of Europe’s leading Pilates institutions and academies, Swissbody Pilates. 

Campus Seminar

Photography and design of brochure for Campus Seminar, a conference to promote forward-thinking educators in Switzerland. 


Aligned consists of sportswear with embedded visual references that can be tracked by a smartphone camera in order to measure body alignment during physical activity.

It is an innovative personal training experience, providing real-time feedback to the user. It helps to better develop targeted muscles and avoid injuries, whilst teaching the users how to workout correctly.

A functional prototype of the solution was developed in 2018. 


Inteamacy is a gift tea set, including both traditional Chinese ceramics and Lacquer art. By inviting the users to share their origin, their stories and their Chinese zodiac sign, it promotes meaningful exchanges between family, friends, or colleagues. The project stems out of the Chinese government’s current support of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and their will to modernise traditional craft. 3-month long collaboration across China (Henan, Fujian and Beijing provinces) with Tsinghua University Visual Communication Designer 姜慎微 (Shenwei Jiang), Ceramics Craftswoman 任英歌 and Lacquer Artist 陈路茵, and multiple visits to some of the country’s leading artisans.


Mindpod is a mindfulness pod that has been designed to be digitally transferable, flat-packed and simple to assemble in co-working spaces or office spaces around the world. It is best used with relaxing music or meditation apps such as Headspace. Alternatively, it can be used as a dome for 360° projections. The project is open-source to enable broader spread of a solution to mental illnesses in the near future of work, where everyone has access to distributed manufacturing equipment to build their own Mindpod.

Love is Key

Photographs selected to be presented at the Royal College of Art’s Final Exhibition in London, June 2018. 

The Meaningful Project

The Meaningful Project aims to enable people to live more meaningfully, based on author Emily Esfehani Smith’s four pillars of a Meaningful Life: belonging, purpose, transcendence and narrative. It responds to the increase of loneliness, isolation, and depression of our times. By intervening in the physical and digital spheres, it seamlessly integrates into our lives.

Each Meaningful Card challenges the receiver to connect with someone else, with themselves or with their environment.

Qitai Gift

Cultural product design for Qitai City, China. Branding of the city’s cultural products with Chinese visual communication designer Shenwei Jiang 姜慎微.