I’m a South African born in Switzerland, focusing on large-scale wellbeing, sustainability and the small things that make life worth living. Growing up wanting to be an “inventor” and laying down the most primary construction plans of a motorised skateboard by the age of 9, I have always wanted to reinvent the things surrounding me.

Since September 2016 I joined Global Innovation Design, a double Master’s in Science and Art at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art, London. I have since worked in London, Beijing, Bangkok, and Singapore. I seek to create meaningful experiences and enable holistic well-being, with cultural sensitivity. I believe in interdisciplinary, intergenerational and multicultural collaborations, leveraging technology for real human benefits, sharing knowledge across borders and contributing to a circular economy. My practice ranges from products that enhance well-being, to immersive mindful experiences, the design of modern traditional products and recently a product-service system to assure correct alignment during physical exercises.

From June 2015 I spent 16 months working with Seedstars World in Africa, in over 14 countries, supporting entrepreneurs and innovators. Through the experience I was exposed to over 800 startups, trained more than 150 to pitch, and learnt the infinite possibilities we have to make a positive impact in countries around the world, from rural areas to large cities. I understood the importance of leadership, courage and vision, which have the potential to push an entire nation in the direction of prosperity, peace and happiness. I believe we can solve fundamental challenges around the world by leveraging technology and sharing knowledge.

In April 2016 I became MD of Seedspace Global, a network of tech hubs in more than 20 emerging countries. I worked closely with entrepreneurs and corporates from Mexico City to Baku, Cape Town to Manila. I understood the opportunity we have to drive the urban landscape towards a more sustainable and collaborative future with new ways of working and living. I realised that this will not be achieved alone and that we need all stakeholders to get involved. Here, my vision went global.

I can see that we are at the start of a new revolution for human kind, powered by clean technology and knowledge sharing. I aim to be at the forefront of this new wave and develop the vision, competences and network to drive fundamental change.

If you’d like to hear more about any of the above or discuss potential projects, please contact me at: gregory.pepper@network.rca.ac.uk